I am Joeri Taelman and I'm a 25 year old born in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. Grown up in a calm and remote environment, I made the jump to the city of Amsterdam when I finished my VWO ('Pre-University Secondary Education' or Grammar School) in Terneuzen at the age of 18. I began my Bachelor study in Digital Humanities called 'Media and Culture' at the University of Amsterdam in 2010, and after I finished my propedeutics in the first year, I chose to specialize in 'New Media and Digital Cultures'. After my bachelor I finished my Master study New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Utrecht, focusing on Game Studies.

My hobbies include ofcourse Photography, as you can see on this very site, but as indicated above, I like to play games. I've always been a fervent PC gamer, and because of that I'm interested in the ontological and philosophical background of games and its industry. Besides gaming I used to play football, but I'm still a supporter of AFC Ajax. In my free time I like to watch series, play guitar and hang out with my friends, be it online or offline. Nowadays I work fulltime as an IT consultant for CGI Nederland, specializing as a Java Software Developer (quite the change, huh?). I work in Utrecht at DHL Parcel Benelux.

You can watch/follow my work on deviantART and Behance, if you'd click on the links below. There are a lot more pictures, especially on my deviantART account. Also, until the end of 2012, I was co-owner of the International Artgroup The Revuh Collective. Although Revuh has shut their doors, you can still watch their exhibitions. Just click on the name or on its logo at the right bottom. The logo above Revuh's stands for my current artgroup. Cosmosys is also an International Artgroup where a lot of my friends are based, and we like to make a nice exhibition once in a while. After you've walked through the Digital Museum that is The Revuh Collective, check out some of Cosmosys' latest works. I'm also an artist at The Luminarium!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to mail me via Contact. I'm actually available for Freelance stuff also, if you are impressed by my work. If so, I'll contact you as soon as possible!