After my midweek in Seoul, I took the KTX (train) to Busan! It's the second largest city of South-Korea, and I was looking forward to visiting it. I felt more connected to it somehow, as it's the largest port city in South-Korea, and even though I don't have much with harbors or ships, I come from a port city as well. The closeness to the sea and its beaches is what made me excited to visit Busan. And of course the mountains!

This page shows three different pictures, as they share a thing in common: they're all shot from a mountain vantage point. The first one was taken on the way to the top of Jang mountain (Jangsan). It is also part of the Luminarium's 'Organics' artpack! Go check that out, as there are some beautifully crafted artworks in that pack present.

The second is shot on the eastern side of Geumjeong Fortress, which is the largest mountain fortress in remaining in the whole of Korea today, and is located on Geumjeong mountain. Both Jangsan and Geumjeongsan hikes took me each half a day, but a day well spend! I really liked the view of the city from the mountains, as I tried to capture here, haha.

The last picture is actually a panorama that I took on the top of mount Jang, overlooking Busan City Centum (that's not a typo), Gwangalli Beach and Haeundae. Please click on it to see the full sized version!!