Hyeopjae Beach


This is my first picture I upload after I came back from my trip to South Korea. As you will see in upcoming projects, I've visited a couple of places in South Korea. I started out in the capital, Seoul. After a midweek I went south to its second biggest city, Busan. After a week I turned westwards to the island of Jeju. Having relaxed for a week, I returned to Seoul to finish my stay in South Korea.

The picture you see here has been taken in Jeju-do, on one of its beaches. This beach is called Hyeopjae Beach, and it's on the west side of the island. It is suppose to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island (and maybe even among the best in South Korea). I hope this picture does this claim justice! I think this is one of my better shots from the trip, so enjoy ;).

The black rock you see is actually lava rock. The island is a (dormant) volcanic island. The country's highest peak is the dormant volcano: Halla mountain (Hallasan). Seriously, google 'dormant volcano island' and it's probably the first hit, because it's so beautiful. Maybe I have some shots of it as well in upcoming projects.