Hyeopjae Sunset

협재 일몰

As with the previous photo, this one is taken on Hyeopjae Beach, but on another day! If you hover around the right side of this picture, you can go to the previous project, and you will notice that it was pretty cloudy the day I shot that picture. This picture, however, was taken on a chill, sunny day. Janis, a German guy I met on Jeju, is walking on the volcanic rocks that covers the beach area.

It was a pretty nice day, actually. Janis and I decided to rent a scooter in the south of the island, in Seogwipo, where we stayed in a hostel. It was a good day for swimming, so we wanted to take a dive in the sea. We went on a roadtrip along the western coast of the island, and after refueling an empty fueltank after like 30 minutes or something (oops), we ended up in Hyeopjae, naturally ;).

I thought this was foremostly a pretty picture. On top of that, it's another picture with an actual human in it (yay, haha). I need to practise those more. Thank you, Janis, for an awesome week on Jeju, and for modeling in this picture, of course, haha.