This is probably my last picture I'll have from my South-Korea trip that I will upload, but boy, this is definitely a 'last, but not least' one. It's probably my favorite picture of my whole trip. PLEASE click on the first picture to watch the bigger version. It's worth it :D

Taken from just below the summit of Mount Jang (Jangsan or 장산), located just north from my hostel in Busan (best hostel in Korea, 'The First Guesthouse', for real), the picture shows an elderly man (a so called 아저씨) descending some stairs, with the backdrop of Jungdong on the left, Haeundae just behind the top, and Dongbaek on the right. Before I started the climb, he saw me and came to me to ask in his best English whether he could walk with me. Even though communication was a bit hard, I was very grateful that he could help and lead me to the top of the mountain. In hindsight, I kind of regret not asking his name.

Not only technical wise (I think it's a well taken picture, if I may say so, haha), but also because of the memories about that particular day and city, and what I experienced those days, make this picture one of my own all time favorites. It's by the way also a contribution to The Cosmosys Collective's 19th artpack, themed Home. Check it out here!