The last place I've visited before returning to Seoul was the beautiful island of Jeju (Jeju-do). You can ride from the north to the south in a few hours, probably, but there's still much to see. Like explained before in earlier projects Hyeopjae Sunset and Hyeopjae Beach, Jeju is a volcanic island. Therefore, it is quite furtile, giving the island a nice green environment. In the first picture, you can see one of the fields where they plant tea leaves! At a nearby museum, I tried 'Jeju tea ice'. Tasted like seaweed, though... Click on the image to enlarge!

On one of the first days on Jejudo (I actually stayed in the south of Jejudo, in Seogwipo-si), we went on an island tour, which led us to several places, including the tea fields of the first picture and also the rugged coastline of the second picture. The second picture is shot during sunset near Oedolgae Rock, a rock protruding from the surf. If you look closely, you can see a couple fishing! The piece is therefore titled 'Catching Sunset' ;).

The last picture here is located on the east side of the island. It is shot from Ilchungbong Peak, called Sunrise Peak, as the sun comes up in the east and it is suppose to be a beautiful view from there. Unfortunately, I did not visit Seongsan (the little village near the peak you see on the picture) during sunrise. The upcoming storm clouds give off a isolating feeling, evoking homesickness. That's why it's titled 'When home is far away'. It is a contribution to The Cosmosys Collective's 19th artpack, themed Home. Check it out here!