Planeta Argenti

Log #1358 'Planet of Silver'
27th of August, AD 2381

We landed on a far away planet, some 100.000 light years away from Terra Nova, looking for new resources. Honestly, we were just glad to get away from the domestic turmoil brewing on our home planet. And now look at this, we found a planet almost completely made out of the natural resource Silver. I hope this discovery will temper the unrest at home, and not just add fuel to the fire.

The top picture is a contribution to The Luminarium's 25th exhibition 'Silver'. I still had this landscape shot (second picture) lying around, and since joining The Luminarium, I wanted to do some space art. I am not a digital painter or 3D artist or whatever, so I chose to do some photo manipulation, using a NASA stock for the stars and of course heavy colour manipulation.

In the second picture you can see the original photo (well, ok, I upped the contrast a bit), part of my trip to Australia, from which you can find multiple photo's in my portfolio. I promise though, I am planning on shooting some newer stuff! ;)

The last picture shows the original photo framed in three pictures, and is now hanging in our living room!