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When I was in 'highschool' (it's considered midschool in Holland), we made a trip to Belgium with some Polish exchange students to visit monuments of the First World War. We visited some of the trenches the soldiers walked in, but also this cemetery, called Tyne Cot. There lay mostly fallen Allied soldiers, but what was remarkable is that there were also some German soldiers who were buried there. It was a sort of eery day, so the atmosphere was quite matching the mood. I thought it would be fitting if I'd manipulate the photo just so it would have a sepia tone to it. In the picture you can see how the tombstones were aligned perfectly, by the lane it forms upto the cross in the middle of the cemetery. This cemetery made quite an impact on me.

This photo was also a submission to the Heartsurge Collective's exhibition 'Awakening'. This collective isn't active anymore, but you can still visit their exhibitions!
Tools used Camera:

Sony A200


Tamron 10-24mm F3.5-4.5

Focal Lenght:




Shutter speed:





Adobe Photoshop CS5