"You look like Dave Grohl"

Over the period of some weeks (or even some months), I've been conceptualizing and creating this project. When the theme for now released artpack was decided, I immediately had some ideas for it. The theme would be 'Self Portrait'. Now, for a year or so, other people (including some of my friends) have been comparing me with one of my favorite artist, Dave Grohl. I guess it's because of the appearance, not because of his musical skills or whatever. That gave me inspiration to come up with this project.
I googled some images of Dave Grohl and start searching for some 'doable' pictures that I could imitate. With the help of my girlfriend Julia behind the camera, I was able to get some shoots. After those shoots, which took place in my dorm in Diemen, I had to pick out the best suitable. Another good friend, Joakim Olaussen, helped me with the postwork on most of the pictures. The result are these three pieces. I hope all three resemble the original pieces! ;)

When you hover over the pictures, you see the original pieces I based my pieces on. Those images are NOT MINE. The original pictures are taken from some blogs, which you can respectively find here (Credits goes to AP Photo), here (Credits goes to AP Photo) and here!

These photo's were a contribution to Cosmosys' 11th artpack, called 'Self Portrait'. Please have a look, there are some awesome submission there!