I know these past projects haven't been in chronological order AT ALL. To make it even more confusing, both these pictures were taken in different weeks. The first one I shot from the top of Bukhan mountain (Bukhansan), which is named Baegundae Peak. This mountain range is easily recognizable from anywhere in Seoul, as the mountains have this typical white/beige coloured stones (just look at the picture!). The climb to this peak was my last hike in South-Korea, actually. Last, but definitely not least (dare I say best?).

The picture on top is my second contribution to the Luminarium's 'Organics' artpack. If you haven't already, go check it out :). This piecec is called 지나가는 구름, which translates to 'clouds that pass by'. It's overlooking Seoul, and if you look very closely, on the mountain in the middle of the city (Namsan), you can see one tiny pixel that sort of jumps out from the rest, which is N Seoul Tower, one of the main landmarks of Seoul.

Talking about N Seoul Tower, that's where the second picture is taken from in my first week's visit to Seoul during sunset. The second picture on this page is pretty small, so please do click on it to double its size! From this perspective, you're looking over Yongsan district towards the Han river, with Itaewon on the left bottom, which is all south of Nam mountain (Namsan). Actually, during my last week I stayed in Hongdae, a popular university district, which isn't even on this photo (eventhough it's southwest of the mountain, and still north of the river). Seoul is sooo huge!

On request: for a high-res version (but pretty low quality because of high ISO speed) of the second picture, click here. WARNING: Big file, so probably long time to load.