The Sun Rises

Absolutaly one of my personal favourites. It is taken on an unusual spot, on an unusual time with an unusual group of people. This photo displays one of the peaks of the mountain rig between Switzerland and Italy near the Aosta valley in Italy. To be more precise, this was near the Col de Crête de Sèche, on an altitude of 2889 metres! After staying overnight in a lodge on 2400 metres high, We were hiking with a group of young Dutch and Belgium (drama)artists. The sun was just tipping over the peak and the fog created a beatiful scenery. This photo is shot with my standard Sony lens.

The photo is a submission to Revuh's third exhibition, 'Instinct'. Enjoy this cool artpack now by clicking on the pack's name.
Tools used Camera:

Sony A200


Sony 18-70mm F3.5/5.6


Adobe Photoshop CS5