A while ago I've visited Korea again! This time with kind of other intentions. The year before, it was my first time to Korea so obviously I wanted to see all the highlights and tourist attractions and stuff. This time around I just wanted to relax a bit more and enjoy, with other people. So I focused more on the social part, rather than the adventurous part.
That's why I also don't have a lot of pictures from this trip, because honestly, I did not take my camera with me everywhere I went (it's such a hassle to bring them to bars and clubs, haha). Therefore, for this project, I focused more on a conceptual theme, and that's why it's called 'Under/Above'.

On the top picture I'm standing underneath the Seongsan Bridge (성산대교), which is close to the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and connects the Mangwon district, where I visited a friend I made the year before, to office/commercial district, Yeongdeungpo district. The day was pretty and I had a nice walk along the Han river!
The picture in between was taken from the hostel I stayed in. I really enjoyed my time there and made some good friends I still talk to. What you see is a street in Hongdae, one of my favorite places, probably in the world. Seoul has certain districts with each their own... feeling? I particularly like Hongdae because of its feeling.
The last picture is actually taken in Tokyo, Japan. I did a speedvisit, in which I visited Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo in 5 days (!). The picture ofcourse shows the Tokyo Tower, taken from underneath the tower. Tokyo is a pretty cool city, but my stay was way too short to actually fully enjoy the city.