Sunset over Vijverhof

It is summer, and that means the sun shines a little longer. Although summer started late, we may not complain about the weather. Temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius are normal around this time, and I think it's pleasant enough. Previous summer I went to Australia ( click here for proof ;) ) with a friend of mine.

This year, I keep it more simple, though not less relaxed. I enjoy playing some football, go fishing and just casually chilling with friends. You can 'het Vijverhof' above in those pictures, a little pond in the neighborhood I'm living in Terneuzen. You can even see Bas, the same friend I went to Australia with, fishing in the second picture if you look closely.

I'm still trying out some HDR photography. Each picture is a combination of seven shots with different shutter speeds. I stitched them together with the use of the software Photomatix Pro. I hope you like them!