Until all is washed away

This piece has been lying around for a few years (!) now, and I rediscovered the raw file when I was browsing to some older pictures. I don't know why at the time I didn't do anything with it, but when I saw it again, the raw image portrayed a strong emotion, for some reason. I touched it up a bit in Photoshop to convey the feeling I had while seeing this picture.

I still remember the day we (my travel companions in Australia, see other pictures) visited the Kalbarri cliffs, hoping we could see a glimpse of the whales who were swimming close to the surf. As you can see in this picture, the rocks here are pretty sharp. They sort of formed plateaus where you could walk on, but a few meters into the sea and the bottom would drop significally. That's why the whales could be close to the mainland here. Because of this, the sea was also pretty rough, forming a few waves that would splash against the surf. For me, this rough terrain gives a desolate feeling, and I hope I have conveyed that with the picture.

For Cosmosys XV - Experiments III.